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We drive on the left.
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Speaking of the Valley, here's a typical story: An apartment building was recently built in the shell of some old building right next to the Brunswick St. Mall right in the heart of the Valley. This was in fact it's major selling point, and people bought it up in droves trying to buy themselves a little of the cultural experience that is living in the Valley. The thing is it is also directly across the road from the Empire Pub, a popular spot for live music. Another thing is that the developers, being the money grubbing spawn of satan that they are, didn't include adequate soundproofing in the building. End result: New residents complain about the noise and start a campaign to stop the pub playing live music on weekends. ******* morons
Exactly the same thing is happening here. The only difference is that two of the developments are backing on to Pubs.
The Austral Hotel and the Governor Hindmarsh, probably the best live band pubs in town, have both been
trying to fight these developments. Neither pub won. Another victory for the Yuppies and their 4wd, mobile phone using, cigarette smoking, country road wearing , friends.


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