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Ok theres a bid on e-bay from a reliable seller, he is selling a shimano front derraileur deore. it has about 7 hours left to bid. Its about 80% off wat it is in the stores, and i dont wannt spend a lot on my backup bike. On my last trail ride i broke my deraillleur on my backup bike while my other was in the shop.

because i dont have a lot of money my backup is a trek 4300 with a manitou black elite fork, (normally i ride a p.2). Anyways i need to know wat size derailleur i need for this bike, i tried measuring it but i dont have a caliper and my measurments have been all way off. each time their totally different. its an 18" frame, if anyone knows the size please tell me, or if they know how i can find out that wud be helpfull too.

i wondered if the size needed for the derailleur matched that of the steertube, (ie i have a 1 1/8th inch threadless steertube, is that wat i need for my derailleur.)
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