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You know it has a name.....

Well here it goes the undoing of myself in BikeForums.... but i'm going to ask it anyway...My bikes name is "Rush" yes I call him that .....out loud just like he's a person....go on laugh it's ok. I can't be the ONLY one who has a name for their bike -- so ? anyone out there want to own up to it?

When I first got this Raleigh Rush SS I had been riding a mountain bike for YEARS. Needless to say it took Rush and I awhile to work it allllll out. I fell over in the bushes.....I fell off a curb.....I very gently fell over in a median. After awhile I learned not to shove so hard on him that he took a more delicate touch...he scares easier than Rock ( mtn bikes name ) but he's much stronger....I see him like a race horse...very thin and nimble but pretty skittish at times.....together we have become fast and quick.

Rush inspires me.
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