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Quiz Time. What Am I?

Here's a picture of some forks I got.
First the facts.
I got these forks about 3 years ago, and know they were sitting for about a year before that (making them ATLEAST 4 years old now). They have the Specialized "S" logo stickers on the upper legs (looks original), and they have the Specilized "S" logo molded into the lower leg assembly (just above the dropouts). The stickers could have been put on by anyone, but the molded "S" had be done when the material was poured at the foundry. No disc brake mounts, and the fork tubes are bolted together by a removable bridge. These are air forks.

I emailed Specialized Bikes, and they told me they didn't know what they were, but thought they may be Rock Shox Mag 21's. I just happened to come across a Mag 21 on a random bike, and can deffinately say they are not Mag 21's (unless they are a special year/version?) Anyways, somebody shoot me straight here.
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