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Since these are different from the normal Mag 21's, where do you guys think I could find rebuild parts for these? Occasionally I see a sporatic ad somewhere where someone has one. The adjusters on the top are different from the normal Mag21, so I'm guessing the seals maybe different aswell. I pulled the upper adjusters out because the original airvalve cap/plug had gotten broken off inside (I never took the air caps off before to know exactly how they worked), so I had to drill out the broken parts with a dremel(there was a small amount of air pressure in both sides). I can pump air into the forks now, but one side holds about 15-20psi, the other just leaks it out (noway to find out the psi inside, but I'm sure it's low)(the rubber seal the needle goes through was looking a little bit worn). So now when I'm riding the forks, one side makes a weazy sound like it's sucking and blowing air through the uncapped hole. Do the air valve holes use a threaded type bolt to hold pressure, or do you think the seals are hashed on this old dog? I can retap the holes on top to fit a hex bolt or something there.
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