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Originally Posted by Endo
New O-Rings on the seals may help ?
The two top O-rings are actually in pretty good condition (they were lubed up, and look good, no dry or cracked spots, felt nice and firm), but the thicker air valve seal (that the needle slides thru) looked a bit worn on (on one leg), it was well lubricated aswell, but I think the hole in the center may have been slightly elongated from the original air cap/screw when It had gotten broken off, therefore leaving the hole double or triple its intended size. I could be completely wrong though about that, because I don't know how long the original air cap needle was. Infact, it may have just been a cap to protect from foriegn things getting inside there, but at some point, I think the rubber seal got jabbed (maybe some ham fisted guy jabbed it while pumping it up? didn't grease/lube the pump needle?) Anyways, I drilled out a small hole where the needle slides through (about the same size as a ball pump needle), so I think I'll pull the adjuster caps off and tap them to fit a small bolt (the adjusters will still work aswell(aswell as they ever did or didn't), I'll just be adding a "slightly" larger dia. bolt there), maybe put some plumbers tape to make sure no oil tries to squirt out.
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