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Originally Posted by Olebiker View Post
...There is no such thing as a "very good IPA." Folks, they put all those hops in there to cover up the taste of poorly made beer and then try to convince the gullible that hops are what beer is about.

Know why they started using hops in beer? To mask the taste of cheaply made beer...

Like you I do not enjoy the fine taste of an IPA. But the hops were not put in so heavy to mask bad beer. Hops were massed upon beer so it could be preserved for much longer than traditional beers. It needed to be so the Brits could get it to their troops in India (hence the name IPA...India Pale Ale). This was before the Suez Canal was in place, so they had to transport the beer around the Horn of Africa. Bad beer is bad stuff...hops preserves it...the Tommies got thier beloved beer and all were happy ever after.
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