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Originally Posted by DannoXYZ View Post
Cat-5 is not hard.
I coach a college team. At the beginning of our road season around 5-7 of our riders are racing for the first time. I tell all of them that a good goal is to finish your first bike race in the field. Skills are certainly part of the difficulty but the bigger one is the range of riders in the field. Some have been riding for years, others for one year, still others for weeks. They have varying athletic backgrounds (NCAA athletes to "I was pretty good in high school"). They all react differently to riding in a big pack for the first time.

The mark of these things goes on long after your first race. Further many people make riskier and riskier moves until they crash. This may be in the first, second, third, etc. race. Some people make training mistakes in the interim between races. Others develop anxiety.

By the time you get into cat 4 these differences have narrowed a bit. They're even less in 3.

The reason this is so surprising for people is because cycling development is crap. Several people I know have suggested that college racing is development. Development starting at 19 years old?!?
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