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Originally Posted by formicalinoleum
My mountain biking shoes (which I also now use for road cycling) have become an environmental hazard. They stink up any area they're in for more than about 10 seconds. I believe it's from the many times they get soaked in stream crossings (just about every ride). They are non-leather (Sidi) so shrinking is not really a problem. They still fit fine. They just stink. What can I do about this? Given that they have survived multiple soakings and dryings already, can I wash them? Or is it time for a new pair?
I have one of those shoe/boot dryers they sell in those outdoor stores and they work great! Every household should have one, it makes getting your shoes wet a non-issue. It uses very low heat, no fan. It won't heat up your shoes too much and it doesn't matter how long you leave them on it. It does dry them out though. Great for hiking boots, shoes, even gloves.
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