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Originally Posted by Al Criner View Post
What a great thread! I just stumbled on this and thought I would contribute a little. In 1986 my wife bought me a Ross Gran Tour for about $200 at a little one-man bike shop in Cameron Park, CA which I still own. I have been wondering if I was the only person in the world who had one of these. My bike looks like the one in the picture in the first ad that is posted above. It is black with black foam cushion on the handlebars, gold and white accents. Chrome/moly double-butted frame, Tange forks, Sugino cranks, Shimano derailleur and brakes, Rigida rims.

I rode it some, crashed it once. Kids came along and for various reasons I basically quit riding it. This last couple of weeks I have been fixing it up. New tires and tubes but the cables, brake pads, seat, and padding on the handelbars are original. It is heavy by today's standards but it is a tank. I am a casual rider, mainly I coast along behind my kids so this works for me. I plan to ride this from now on.

Andy Ross - really enjoyed your history of the company. Good luck to all you Ross owners!
Very cool to hear that. There are a few of us out here. This is my first road bike so it has been cool to find out some background on the brand. I have'nt had any experience on a higher quality bike so this bike works very well for me,and I have'nt had any quality issues yet. I did the old bathroom scale weight on mine and it is around 23lbs. the way it is now...Jeff
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