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Originally Posted by asmallsol View Post
Today I was racing in the Tour di Via Italia Criterium in Windsor Ontario. For my race, the field was made up of Cat 4/5 and Masters 1/2. After about 11 laps of 20, I was in pretty good position, feeling ok. The course was one big square. After the 3rd turn, on a semi long straight, I was towards the front of the pack. Out of nowhere the guy on the left of me swerves right and jams on his brakes. There wasn't anyone off the front, nor anyone going for it, so if this person was blocking it was for no reason. I end up slaming into the side of him. I managed to stay up and had a few people yell good save (I think my left foot unclicked also). I catch my wits and to get back with the pack. I sprint hard and get back to about mid pack. Looking down, my wheel was pretty out of true, I flip my caliper all the way open but it still rubbed hard, but I kept going. Looking down at the speed, we were moving at about 28mph on the back straight, and I am basicly doing it with my front brake one. I'm spent, I finally say screw it, and drop off the back. My day was done. Pissed off, I coast back towards the finish line and get on the sidelines to see how the race pans out.

I'm racing tomorrow, so I'm hopeing that it will go over a little better
If he was blocking, he was doing it wrong.

Good news is you stayed upright. Coulda been a lot worse! Good luck on the next time around.
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