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Originally Posted by UmneyDurak View Post
You sound like work for them.
Hummmm........NO! I don't "work for them" I just know how well solar sheild's work.
I also know that I didn't like them either........until I had eye surgury. Solar sheilds
were given to me after surgury to protect my eyes from all the same concerns that
cyclist face everyday. It only took a few minutes for me to get over the fashion slave
aspect of the funky looks to really appreciate that the solar sheild's were doing a
remarkable job of........protecting my eyes!!!

Being young of body ,or of mind, often leads to poor choices in the real world when it
comes to what works best at a reasonable be damned.
My preferred bicycle brand is.......WORKSMAN CYCLES
I dislike clipless pedals on any city bike since I feel they are unsafe.

Originally Posted by krazygluon
Steel: nearly a thousand years of metallurgical development
Aluminum: barely a hundred, which one would you rather have under your butt at 30mph?
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