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I just got my first BMX, a mid 80's Redline Pro Styler II about a week ago. The Bike is in good condition, but is missing a few parts. I don't really know anything about BMX, but I have wanted to get started for a while now because I tried it once and loved it. I have a billion questions, so bear with me.

Do all BMXs have 20" wheels? Is the tire itself included in that number or is it just the rim?
Is Skyway a reputable company? The Bike came with Skyway Tuff Wheelz II rims. Are those any good?
What makes a good rim?
Does it really matter what kind of tires I have?
Does it make a difference if I have a nice brake handle or not?
Do brakes go bad as they get old?
Are brake cables expensive to have installed?
What are some good brands to look at?
What are some bad brands to avoid?
What makes a good pedal?

Thanks for your help guys.

EDIT: oh yeah, I forgot to ask, how much is this bike worth?
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