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Do all BMXs have 20" wheels? no, cruisers run 24" and there are a few with 26" wheels. Is the tire itself included in that number or is it just the rim? just the rim, tires come in all sizes, I recommend a 2.25x20 for a front and a 1.95 or 2.15x20 for a rear....unless you're planning on riding ramps then you might be better off with around a 2.15x20 front and rear maybe bigger...
Is Skyway a reputable company? The Bike came with Skyway Tuff Wheelz II rims. Are those any good?
What makes a good rim? skyway made some really popular wheels back in the day but these days they are not up to par as far as a nice set of wheels goes.... a good wheelset can be defined primarily as having a double wall rim (minimum) and nice sealed hub
Does it really matter what kind of tires I have? no, all depends upon where you intend to ride...there are alot of nice street and dirt tires on the market these days
Does it make a difference if I have a nice brake handle or not? plastic handles suck, otherwise any aluminum brake lever you see at any bike shop or ebay (ebay is your friend) will do
Do brakes go bad as they get old? yes, brake pads go bad over time, and I would venture to say the original brakes on that bike need some tweaking or replacement to be reliable for bmxing
Are brake cables expensive to have installed? no, it wouldnt be too much, but I guarantee you could do it yourself with a little patience
What are some good brands to look at? what brand cables?? I would say odyssey or anything from your local bike shop
What are some bad brands to avoid? with the brake cables??? none really
What makes a good pedal? any type of cage like Wellgo or S&M will suffice or even some Primo Meat Tenderizers
EDIT: oh yeah, I forgot to ask, how much is this bike worth? no clue...some collectors might give up to $100...if they were looking specifically for it...
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