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Originally Posted by Retro Grouch View Post
Derailleurs and chain drive are so wonderfully mechanically efficient that they set the bar real high. Whatever is going to supplant them (and I have no doubt that will happen someday) is going to have to be very mechanically efficient even during it's early development.
Actually they aren't that far apart. IIRC the total efficiency spread between an internal gear and a dérailleur was only around 3% and quite often in certain gears the dérailleur was less efficient than the IGH. And quite often there are greater losses from wind resistance, riding style, low tire pressures, etc. Those items probably contribute more to speed loss than drive train efficiency.

My biggest issue with the belt drive would be roadside repair...kind of hard to take out a broken link, adjust the wheel and keep on riding...and yes I have broken a link in a chain before.

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