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keeping in shape

Not sure if this is the right forum, but it relates to commuting in ways.

I ride my bike everywhere, usually prefer it to the bus or walking. Doing this leads me to believe that i am in shape, and generally healthy. On friday i went for a hike, and i noticed that after just 3 or 4 miles my knees were hurting, legs tired, and just sore. Yes, it was an intense hike, high elevation, steep slopes, but i think that i should not be so sore from such a hike.

This made me realize that i only really walk around my office and my apartment, and ride my bike everywhere else. I have decided that some days i need to leave the bike home and just walk. Hopefully this will help me stay in better shape all around. Biking can lead to a false sense of being in shape!

What do you do besides biking to help stay in shape and keep your body in overall top condition?
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