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12 miles to work & 12 back in the afternoon averaging about 3 times a week, more if less than 30% chance of rain or no errands to run. About 75 pushups with 15 pounds hanging on my neck a few nights a week. No situps for the past few years because of back problems, but I used to do 2 minutes of situps (about 120) along with pushups.

Cycling rocks for keeping you in shape if you hammer when you ride. I can go out and run about 3 times a week for two weeks prior to a 5k and still turn in sub 22 minutes to often win the 60+ age bracket. In AZ back the end of July, at Lost Dutchman State Park, I hiked up Siphon Draw trail to Flatiron and had no problems, despite having had a back spasm 2 days earlier. I think it is an elevation rise of something like 2500 feet in 2.5 miles.

Bike commuting is great because it combines what I need to do anyway with exercise, and it still gets me there in only a little less than twice the time it takes to drive, saves ga$, reduces pollution and I feel more alert once I am there.
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