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Unless you're in a lab, "in shape" is always defined in terms of function -- that is, what you want to be "in shape" to do. Bicycling provides you with a base level of aerobic fitness, if you do it right; it can provide you with some anaerobic fitness, if you train that way; but as far as functional training, it conditions you to do one thing, and that's ride a bike. Anything else will create other demands on your body, so it's to be expected that you'd experience new challenges.

Right now a lot of my non-biking exercise time is taken up with practicing aikido, which I don't do to "stay in shape" but because it's fun...well, sometimes it's fun...well, occasionally it's fun, at least when you're not getting your face blended into the floor...anyway. A lot of that. It's aerobic at times and definitely works your core, and if vigorous practice is the rule at your school, you tend to either develop some core strength and some balance and coordination or you go to the doctor. In the winter I do a lot of alpine skiing, which is neither a get-in-shape nor a stay-in-shape sport, but again, you do want to be in shape to do it, or you tend to get hurt. Tennis, cuz it's fun. Whitewater kayaking, cuz it's fun. Hiking, cuz it's fun. As much of all of the above as I can possibly pack in a day, basically,
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