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Originally Posted by Sigurdd50 View Post
I unearthed a box o' light parts in the shop I volunteer in. It is a Vistalight NIghtstick headlight rig. Looks to be a few years old. It came with a 5, 10, and 15W halogen lights, a battery 'stick' a switch for flashing/on, and a recharger. It had been donated and abandoned.

I was skeptical, but charged up the 'stick' and ran the light. It ran for less than an hour. I charged it up again, and ran it down again, then charged it again and mounted it. oN the my ride home, on the dark part of the path, the thing blasted light like daytime! Whoo hee! I've been using little AA spots. This really floods the way.

Does this old rig ring a bell for anyone? I figure it was basically free so what's to lose. The worst part is the cable from the battery to the light is too short, so I have to improvise placement of the battery (in my front bag).

I had the Vistalight Code 15. It was my first really good light. I used it until I returned home from work one day to find the lights blazing away and hot as a griddle. I'd been having some problem getting the light head to turn on, and thought they were off. In reality, the light DECIDED TO WORK after I left. I fear the light may have ignited just sitting there. That light now sits in my junk box. Very scary.
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