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There is no rational excuse for not looking both ways when crossing an intersection, any intersection.
But this chap decided not to bother at an intersection where a multi hundred ton vehicle is going to be crossing. If this happens to him with an iPOD it'll happen to him if he is driving with the stereo on.

"Its like a four-way intersection with no stop signs, Gengler said."

I have to say I personally don't think I have ever seen a crossing with one whether it had gates or not and I wonder if it would stop most cyclists. I cross at least a dozen on my weekend rides none of them have anything more then a X next to them to signify the rail crossing and those big wheel sucking rails across the roadway.
From it costs $380,000 to install each railway crossing to have dropdown gates that you can't pass through. Even with them you should always look. It could be malfunctioning.

People seem to ignore standard safety arms down here:
"In the meantime, vehicles can easily maneuver around the safety arms, as happened Monday. It's a major problem in Grand Prairie, police say.

"We typically will catch between 50 and 100 violators every time we do a concentrated railroad enforcement detail," Grand Prairie police Sgt. Eric Hansen said. "I cannot echo enough the importance of obeying railroad signals."
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