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Originally Posted by JohnBrooking View Post
If he didn't hear the horn due to loud volume on the iPod, then obviously the iPod was a contributing factor
That would have to be an extremely loud iPod. I live near tracks and even inside with my iPod I can hear the freights blowing their horns as they move through the crossings.

Here's the site of the accident (I believe)

Looks like the tracks are elevated on a berm at this point and the road rises to meet them. Probably just powering up the incline and never saw it.
This is Africa, 1943. War spits out its violence overhead and the sandy graveyard swallows it up. Her name is King Nine, B-25, medium bomber, Twelfth Air Force. On a hot, still morning she took off from Tunisia to bomb the southern tip of Italy. An errant piece of flak tore a hole in a wing tank and, like a wounded bird, this is where she landed, not to return on this day, or any other day.

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