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Originally Posted by BigHit-Maniac
If you're looking for your manufacturer... than I'd just call up your company that made your frame. They'll usually sell you a frame sticker kit.

If you're looking for other "just cool" sticker kits.. look into troy lee's sticker kits. He's got some wicked cool stickers that'd fit nicely, and look bad-ass on a downtube.. or a whole frame. (Speed Bubbles, Arrows, Feathers, etc)

Actually I've tried contacting the manufacturer (Marin Bikes), but apparently they don't sale the factory kits direct. So I tried the local shop here (they carry the Marin brand) and they told me they weren't able to order them. So I was thinking if I could find a sticker/graphic shop, then I'd have some stickers made. I was thinking of getting the same font/style "Marin" sticker to match my DJ2 forks (I think it's old english?) Just a thought. Haven't found anything online or local though to see if it's feasible.
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