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my wife and i were out for a ride today, when some "fixie bro" rode past us and yelled "posers!"

i didnt hear it, but a few blocks later my wife asked me what a bike poser is. i have no idea. she told me about the dude, who i didnt really even see, other than in my perhipheral... i was paying more attention to the rush hour city traffic.

i mean, we were actually riding our bikes. is that not what they are for?

maybe the guy could tell we own a car or two, and therefore we arent "core"?

if the guy is on this forum, would you please enlighten me as to how i can be more "true to the game" of owning and operating a bicycle? is there a shirt, or a pair of shoes i can get, so as not to be so blatant about being nothing more than an interloper?
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