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tupac for prez
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Originally Posted by Astronomical View Post
Anyone who prefers tupac over biggie is a poser in my mind. You say you're on the East coast?

nah man.. i know wassup.. biggie is king. duh.

actually, i think tupac kinda sucked. my "custom user title" is sarcasm. i guess it doesnt translate well. ya win some, ya lose some...

Originally Posted by akaio View Post
Obviously you just dont have enough 'cool' fixie bro points. Its like a game, a game where you buy more cool new toys to win. You need to up your status by purchasing the following immediately: 1) Bianchi Pista 2) Velocity deep Vs 3) Riser bars 4) Top tube protector 5) Spoke cards

Start with those, next time you see that guy he will be completely floored at your new found bike culture status.

well, i have to admit, two of my bikes have deep Vs, and those same bikes have risers, but i suppose the lack of other "fixie" accoutremon might have been what caused the harsh judgement which was handed down by my fellow cyclist. maybe it was because the bike i was riding today had black deep Vs, and not white ones?

damn. i really need to get with it.

where do i score some of these "spoke cards" you speak of? will they make me go faster?
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