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Originally Posted by Danddd View Post
I salute you T-Mar for doing this. I tried to find information via searching the web a couple of years ago. I have a mid 70's Fuji Finest I bought in 1976. I've 'Rivendellized' it to a certain extent. One good link I found is this for mid 70's

Here are some specs I scanned in from Fuji No. 10 Edition catalog I have from I want to say 1978.

Let me know if you want me to send you higher resolution jpegs.

Wow, that's a great contiribution, though it is a bit hard to read. From what I can see, the Professional appears to have 7 speed freewheel. SunTour didn't introduce the Ultra-7 until 1979, so presumibly the catalog is not a 1978. Also, in 1981 SunTour made large changes to the derailleur lineup and I don't see any of them listed, so the catalog should be 1979 or 1980.

But what I really want is the serial number and component date codes from your Finest. How about it?

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