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We spent all Friday working on the bike. About 1970 vintage with (apparently) no maintenance in that time save for tires. But it had been ridden relatively little and the bearings were dry but not torn up. At the last we decided that the rear wheel was too bad to ride - four broken spokes after we were done with the hub - and the backup wheel (off a Schwinn Continental) was nearly as bad - none broken but several rusty. I managed to convince him to rent a ride at Richardson Bike Mart. Nice 63cm Trek 1600 for $25/day. (You might have thought it was $250/day the traction it took to get the card out of his wallet.) By the time we were committed it was too late for coordination.

It was the reddest sunrise I've ever seen. We set out on the 54/44 mi route and Mark cut off on the 28 mi route as it left the 54/44, so he got in about 35 mi. I did the rest of the 54 at speed. The Leonard Hills weren't much, save the last one which was kinda steep at the end. Definitely a flat ride.

I was wearing my yellow/black Arrogant Bastid* Ale jersey (looks like the Mad Duck jersey from a distance) and carrying a camera and bag, so you might have noticed me. What route did you do?

And what part of town are you in?

*Inaccurate spelling.
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