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Originally Posted by Fable View Post
iend bought but decided to go with hydrosI've got a chance to pick up a NIB (new in box) set of these for VERY cheap. Friend bought new but went with hydros instead. I run a set of Deore levers(only) on my single speed. I have no real problem w/the deore levers but for $15 a new in box set of of Avid speed dial 7 would look cool.
my problem is I hate to waste good parts for the sake of getting new crap. Is there a legitament perfeormence gain to be had? I run avid bb7 mechs on the ss.
sorry for the bad typing, my muscle relaxers are kicking in and I can see straight let alone type.

Edit Jesus I am wasted. At least my upper back isno longerr spasming. I should just go lie down.. Goog luck reading this.
Your post is worthless. Get your sh*t together.
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