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During the first check-over I was looking for something that looked broken, but nothing turned up. Everything looks very good, no signs of mangling or damage anywhere until I found the crack. So at this stage I'm guessing the foreign body is something from the factory, but the planet gear rivets will have to be removed to be sure.

I don't think overwork was the culprit; even though I do ride very hard at times, I have a high cadence so the force on the gears wouldn't be that high. Of course sometimes climbing out of the saddle is involved but even there I have a tendency to 'dance' rather than grind. Having said that, there are a few places on my daily commute where grinding is required due to steepness. Anyway I would have thought that the gears are designed to withstand that.

I'll be writing to aebike about the guarantee issue, and make a call to Suntour in Taiwan about a replacement part. If Suntour don't want this sub-assembly I'll be drilling the rivets out to see what's going on in the sun gear.
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