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SA moved away from the oil-bath idea to a thin grease regime. If you compare the various manuals over the years, the early ones give instructions for oil through the port, while the later ones spec a thin grease. The later model 3sp hubs' oil seal labirynths were simplified to cut cost, presumably. The simpler seals are not enough to keep in oil but are OK for the grease.

The grease was everywhere when I opened it, so sufficient in quantity. It is presumably thin enough not to interfere with the pawl operation but is not runny like oil to go past the seals. It's like a gel, quite thin but doesn't run. My hub's grease was black, indicating metal particles from wear in suspension.

The purpose of lube is to prevent direct metal-to-metal contact. It seems to me that as long as it doesn't dry out and is enough to coat all parts, then no further maintenance would be needed for the normal life of the product. If we're talking extreme long use say several decardes, then one could expect the grease to have dried out to some degree and a washing and replenishing would be good.
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