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I think the pictures you showed here should be all they need to see what has happened. No sense at all in demanding a chunk of scrap be transported half way around the world as evidence, surely. I hope you get decent treatment anyway. You ought to.

When they send you a replacement hub, it would be the obvious answer just to dismount the internal unit and pop it into the old shell. No need to rebuild wheel or anything, unless you suspect wear in the non-drive side bearing cup.

I think the manuals recommend servicing and re-greasing from time to time.

I've been running my SRF-3 on 10:30 engine oil for a good while now - about 1000 miles. I find that little and often is the best approach, or the oil comes out along the spokes. At first I was putting in about 6cc, but the surplus is spun out pretty quick. Now, I just put in about a half teaspoonful every couple of hundred miles, and it stays put. The old SA hubs didn't exactly have an oil bath either - they recommended two or three drops every month. Overfilling always caused the oil to escape - I know you know this because you have them yourself. As this oil thing was an experiment for me, I have taken out the internals to inspect them for dryness. There has always been a small amount of oil in the bottom of the shell, and the internals were completely soaked in oil, even after a couple of hundred miles. I could probably do it a lot less often than I have been, but it's so easy that there is no reason not to add a few drops. I drilled the shell and made an oil port which is sealed rather nastily with a short bolt screwed in a few threads.

The hub spins VERY easily with the oil regime. If I upturn the bike and pedal it up, the wheel spins on and on for ages, so there is no internal drag. It definitely spins on much longer than before. It changes very easily and is quieter than it used to be too.

Of course, there was no need at all to mess about like this, I just wanted to play around with the hub. As it was supplied it worked fine and is very robust, and quite straightforward in construction. A marvelous piece of kit really.

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