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Best ROI depends upon your emotional-makeup and investment-knowledge and skill. A lot of people get into investing in the reverse order. They put their money into some instrument, then try to milk it for maximum returns, wrong. You first must pick a ROI, a return-rate that you desire, and then put your money into the instruments that yield that kind of return. Here's the break-down on various investments and their average yearly returns:

cash: -7% over past 30-40 years due to inflation
CD/MM: 3-4%
bonds: 3-6%
real-estate: +7%
funds: -10 to +20%
stocks: -15 to +30%
stock-options: -100 to +1000%
futures & commodities: -1000 to +2000%
futures-options: -100 to +3000%

Now your question should be, "In what time-frame do I want to grow my $1000 into $7000?"
The other question is, "How much time do I want to devote daily to managing my investments?"
Finally, "How much time do I want to devote to education, trial-and-error testing, and fine-tuning my investment knowledge?"

I can assure you that anything after the funds and stocks investments will require at least 5-10 years of training before you can be on the positive side of the game. But what a glorious game it becomes at that point.

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