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Originally Posted by skinny View Post
The S&P 500 is at the exact same level right now it was at in March 2000
Even then, it's really not the same value. If you put $7000 in the S&P 500 in 2000 and sold it today for $7000, you'd actually have only 1/2 of the purchasing power in goods & services today due to inflation. EVERY investment has its risks, even straight cash has inflation risk. Bonds face tremendous pressure from rate changes and very few of them can beat inflation. Rather, they're used to maintain purchasing power. Appreciation and growth is best done with other instruments.

Funds actually provide a lot of flexibility without a whole lot of time-commitment. Take a look at the performance of China-related funds. They're the hottest on the market right now and outperforms the NYSE, S&P, DOW, NASDAQ, etc..
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