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Originally Posted by jur View Post
I don't think overwork was the culprit; even though I do ride very hard at times, I have a high cadence so the force on the gears wouldn't be that high. Of course sometimes climbing out of the saddle is involved but even there I have a tendency to 'dance' rather than grind. Having said that, there are a few places on my daily commute where grinding is required due to steepness. Anyway I would have thought that the gears are designed to withstand that.
You don't say what sprocket ratio you were running, but given that you were on 20" wheels, I'm guessing that it was rather higher than would be used on a bike with full-sized wheels, so even though you appear to be a strong rider, you would actually be stressing it less than a rider with full-sized wheels (and appropriate sprocket sizes) would be doing.

Originally Posted by jur View Post
I'll be writing to aebike about the guarantee issue, and make a call to Suntour in Taiwan about a replacement part. If Suntour don't want this sub-assembly I'll be drilling the rivets out to see what's going on in the sun gear.
That's SunRace, not SunTour. Totally different company. If you send 'em those pictures, I have no doubt they'll send you whatever parts you need or a new hub.

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