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I'm in a spot of bother ... (marriage problem)

My marriage isn't doing too well right now. My wife is acting sorta wierd, I'm getting paranoid, and things just don't seem right.

My wife of 10 years:
She use to email me sweet things. She use to want to get close. Actually saying things like, "Well you could hold me you know." While we were in bed watching TV. She wanted to be next to me when I was around. Like wanting me to hangout in the kitchen while she cooked and stuff. And sex doesn't exist. Nothing - nada. Not even a kiss or hug. Last night I got close to her in bed. I rubbed on her back and toosh (which she use to like) but she just laid there. She actually rolled on her back when I stopped.

She's acting distant.

And though I don't see any physical evidence or financial evidence of another man, I'm starting to wonder. She really doesn't have the time. She comes home after work. Our children are with her a good bit of the time. There are no unusual phone calls or numbers that come up on our phones. She's not dressing different or doing anything unusual to her appearance.

But, I'm starting to freak out here. I love her - a lot. I would lose it if I thought she wanted a divorce or separation. She completes me in so many ways.

But I'm a man, and I suck and it's probably my fault so go ahead. Give it to me. Let the questions begin.
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