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Originally Posted by substructure View Post
And yes, I'm going to open the door to communicate with her.
My fear is what may come out of her mouth. I don't want to hear something that could kill me. But if I don't talk nothing will happen.
Stop caring about yourself for God's sake. Thats probably a tiny part of the problem that led you to this spot of bother.

You married somebody else.
That means their problems, their desires, their goals become yours and vice versa.
You have to be ready for the truth. And that becomes the challenge trying to overcome whatever it is that comes out. But don't dread it, dont' want to hear it. If you don't want to hear it then you've already made up your mind that whatever she says either a) does not exist or b) you will not face.
Life is about hanging onto what you think is important and finding out what really is important.
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