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Originally Posted by KingTermite View Post
Not very long, but some nice strong rolling hills, IMO. Looks like a fun ride.
I'm so out of shape. I didn't realize how little i've been riding until i looked at my bikejournal today.

August i had an excuse with moving into school and what not, only 100 miles. Last month, i guess maybe the G/F thing could be an "excuse"...only 80 miles.


In all reality though, i don't have much time for anything over 20-30 miles. 18 hours this semester takes its toll on free time. It may seem like i'm on BF a lot, and i am, but usually it's because i'm in front of a computer and need a second to reset my mind. Two nights ago i was here for 4 1/2 hours straight writing a 7 page essay on Slavery in America.

I need some xanax.

Seriously though, i live in the midwest and feel like i get ripped off with terain. Iowa is much better then illinois...but is this anything worth while?
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