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My brother cracked me up one year. On Christmas after dinner he went and got a tote bag out of his car and started tossing at us, one by one, what we thought were bean bags. They were actually some kind of Filipino sponge cake, all individually wrapped and looked something like cupcakes. He said he bought a case of them and wanted us all to have some.

I looked down to check it out since I've never had one before and noticed mold on it. I leaned over to my sister and pointed out the green spots. She looked at hers and then leaned over to her husband and pointed at the spots on hers. He looked at his and leaned to the person next to him.


Everybody started to pelt him with them. Even grandma chucked hers at him. It was hilarious.

Little did he know, I brought one home, put it in the freezer and gave it to him for Christmas the following year.

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