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Originally Posted by Kona_stig View Post
Starting to think about putting the bike away (yeah, I know..) but I'm also thinkin about getting ready for spring. My tires from 2003 are pretty much toast and that's near the top of my list. What would you recommend for some decent and cheap tires? I want some good grip for the dirt without sacrificing too much rolling resistance.

Next subject is wheels. Mine are alright but, pretty much only for visual purposes, I want them black. Where might some wheels for cheap, in black, that aren't too heavy or fragile?

Also, disk brakes. I know my fork isn't compatible with them but I want to run 'em in the rear. Again, cheap is good. Not sure if I'm gonna be able to swing this one though.

How much am I looking at if I want to rebuild the hubs and such? Those, too, are original and starting to show it. It's probably just out of alignment but I figure a general idea can't hurt much

Yeah, that went a bit beyond tires...
addressing one thing at a time:

Tires. I haven't had very much experience with tires. It all depends on the type of riding you do. For my riding (most XC), the stock Resolution 2.1 does the job.

By wheels I assume you mean wheelsets, but then you talk about the hubs too, but still assuming you mean wheelsets, these are a good match:

Don't bother with the disks. Braking power in the back is useless without equally power stuff in the front. It seems most beginners like to use the rear more, but the front brake does about 90% (or some large number) of the work. Its actually incredibly difficult to flip over the bars if your technique is right. Anyhow, don't bother with the disks in the back. Either get a different fork as well, or just get a nice pair of Avids.
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