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Okay. I just got back from the bike shop. Apparently, they didn't have the SR Expert in-stock (Well, not anymore when I got there anyway.). So they kindly resorted to adjusting the handle bars and saddle so that the handle bars are more slanted backwards, and the saddle moved a a little forward.

Still, I would love to know what the experienced bmx'ers here think...Whether my bike's too big for me or not. For reference, here's a pic of me on the bike.

Once again, I would love to know what you guys think. Any more suggestions to make the SR20 fit my height, or does the bike look just about right for me? I tried pedaling my bike while standing today, and it was a bit difficult to keep the bike in a straight line and it took much effort to pedal...Or maybe my legs aren't used to that kind of pedaling yet?
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