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I would think that the cranks (which I believe are 175mm on that bike) would be too long for someone your height. When you see kids at the races that have cranks that are too long their butts wiggle all over the place when they are trying to ride. They can not spin in a smooth circle as they are having to go up and down too much. My 8 year old son is around 4'8" and is currently riding 160mm cranks and he can spin like mad but if he tries to ride my cruiser with 180mm he is all over the place. I would expect that you should be using 165 or maybe 170mm. Maybe the shop will swap these for you.

As for being hard to pedal, you can experiment with the gearing. In a race you want to have a gear that you can get up to speed as quickly as possible but not so easy to pedal that your top speed is limited. The most common gearing on a 20 inch wheel bike is a 44 tooth chainring in the front and a 16 tooth cog in the rear. Lots of smaller riders like to use an easier gear than this. My son rides a 42 * 16. I think that the Haro has a cassette hub so changing the gearing is easy. You just need to change the cog on the rear. The problem with changing the rear cog is that it makes a pretty big change, a one tooth change on the rear is the equivalent to a 2.5 tooth change on the front. Most racers tend to change the chainring on the front instead so that they can make smaller changes. If you decide to try a change you could go to a 44 * 17 so long as your chain is long enough to allow this, this would make it easier to pedal. This is easy to do but you may want to ask the shop to do it if you are not comfortable with this or do not have the tools.
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