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Originally Posted by scelia View Post
I know there is a mechanical advantage to longer crank arms and I am looking at getting a new crank from Profile (Chrome Moly) and I am interested in opinions of longer crank arms than standard. My bike currently has 175mm and it seems to work well, but would I see enough difference in using the 180mm or 190mm crank arms? What are some of the detriments? I am aware that the 190mm crank arms will place the pedals .56inches closer to the ground when pointing straight down.

Longer arms can work well for taller riders who like to stand up and mash (think single speed) rather than sit down and spin. What type of riding is this for?

Downsides would be increased chance for injury during seated efforts, and as you mentioned, ground clearance. You'll be smacking the pedals on the ground often if long cranks are installed on a frame with a low BB height.
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