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I was thinking about this the other day. I've never felt comfortable with shorter crank arms. I'm only around 5'5" and 170s are common on bikes for my size. I prefer 180.
Both of my current bikes have different sizes - 170 on my road bike, and 175 that I put on the FR bike. I would put longer cranks on the road bike, but the pedals are close to the ground as it is.
It feels quicker (pedaling) when you need to jump lanes (so to speak) and is more comfortable long distance with 170, but climbing hills and getting speed when you don't have much distance to do so seems easier with 175. This was the same when I had my hardtail and switched from 170 to 175. Overall, I'd say 175 is a sweet spot. 180 is tough on long distances. I'd get what size feels best for the type of riding you do, and your size.
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