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Originally Posted by Pete ***erlin View Post
I was merely going by your description of your riding:

"I keep the Town & County's on most the time. I have two teenage boys and they like to ride to the skate park. Most of the other riding I do around here is with the entire family (two boys, 1 girl and my wife) and the wife & daughter like to stay on road. "

I think that other components would destruct before your cranks.

If you're feeling flex when mashing, it's probably not your cranks, but your bike flexing.
When I am mashing and look down at the chain rings, I see them moving out as I press down and the return to normal when the pressure is lifted. I have checked the bottom bracket and crank arm bolts. All are tight and the arms are very solid when pulled/pushed to check if they are on tight and BB is tight. It is only 5-6mm, but looks like more from above. It could be the Race Face SRX BB.
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