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Originally Posted by DMF View Post
Did the Sat. PBA 8 o'clock ride. "18-20 mph average" my ass! They dropped me at 26 mph. Got off the back on a hill and couldn't get back on for the wind. At least I got 20 mi. of riding. (Can't say it was a real friendly bunch either. No one even spoke to me during the time I was with the peleton.)

I think I may know who you were. I did the 8:00am Saturday ride ( a rarity for me ). I was the guy who was trying to get my bike together..remember I pulled over and told you to tell them to just keep going. I also asked you what was hanging off the back of my saddle. I had on a yellow Livestrong kit. Was that you? I remember sorting out my seat bag and getting back to you, then swinging over to try and get you a draft back to the pack. It was on the hill just after the Bethany light. You made it back to the pack at that point. I think we lost you on the run down Exchange?!?

Our average was 19.3mph for the ride, just as advertised. In order to get that kind of average in stop and go, they have to have sustained surges that go well over the advertised rate.

Sorry no one said anything. I see lots of new faces and rarely if ever will I say anything to someone. I've never been one to go right up to anyone and say anything for no reason.

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