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guarding against the outside hook

well, a near collision on a ride today.

four lane one way arterial, downhill. I was keeping up with traffic, moving 35mph or so. I was fully in the outside lane. maybe even a little inside edge biased.

a car 20-30 feet ahead in the next lane over decides to cut a sharp turn across my path at speed onto a side street.

no signal, no deacelleration. I swerve and cut around the vehicle's arc, avoiding the bumper by a few inches.

Do any of you cycling A&S regulars have any ideas how to avoid a hook from an illegal turner, and how you go about conducting your everyday bicycling on multi laned roads? what do you do? How or where should I have been positioned to avoid the turn from a lane that had no business turning?

Keep in mind, I did avoid the turner.

Do you strict vehicularists suddenly deaccelerate anytime a car passes you on a multilaned street and there's an intersection or driveway coming up ahead? how about multi-laned streets with parking on the side of the road?

how would a cyclist, fully in a lane of traffic along a busy urban street, get anywhere if they were forced by their technique to suddenly slow down every time a vehicle passes them? Do you avoid keeping up with traffic while in your own lane?

Noisebeam, Head, any input on how to avoid illegal turn manuvers when you are fully taking the outside lane on a road and cars are passing or catching up, or you are motor pacing?

Do you slow down for all passing traffic out of fears they will be parking or turning? If you're motorpacing, where do you position yourself relative to other traffic going the same direction?

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