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MASH was pretty sweet. Thanks guys for setting the bar. We're coming for you - we are after all the arrogant NYC crew ... BUT it's all love. Anytime you want to hit NYC, you know I gots you...

Big up to Garrett, Massan, Emi, and Gabe... Your names are going to ring out, men. Fer reals (real talk here) you guys gots some skills. Thanks for sharing.

Peace to Dave's Quality Meats (DQM for those who don';t know - dude, now you know how it goes, kid), Trackstar, Doug, St Marks Church (rad space, cool y'all cool) and the Brooklyn Banks (history of street biking and skating check this spot and act like you know)

NYC is going to get off soon, so enjoy the limelight.... LA, can I talk to you (Orange20, Level Components, I know where y'all at...)?

Tricks are for kids... give thanks for arrested development... big kids for life!
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