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Originally Posted by Doggus View Post
I think I may know who you were.
Yeah, that was me.

Originally Posted by Doggus View Post
I remember sorting out my seat bag and getting back to you, then swinging over to try and get you a draft back to the pack. It was on the hill just after the Bethany light. You made it back to the pack at that point.
I wasn't in trouble at that point. I was hanging back to stay in contact with you. 'Preciate the tow, though.

Originally Posted by Doggus View Post
I think we lost you on the run down Exchange?!?
I was off the back going over US-75. Was that Exchange? I'm a notoriously slow starter on morning rides but I probably could have gotten back on at that point. It would have been costly with the wind picking up and I didn't want to get dropped 30 mi out and lost instead of 10 with a fair idea of how to get back. So I turned around.

Originally Posted by Doggus View Post
Our average was 19.3mph for the ride, just as advertised. In order to get that kind of average in stop and go, they have to have sustained surges that go well over the advertised rate.
Now that I think about it, there were quite a few waits at lights, and that long wait for the crash. Factor those out and the average would have been about 24, I figure. Maybe higher?

Originally Posted by Doggus View Post
Sorry no one said anything. I see lots of new faces and rarely if ever will I say anything to someone. I've never been one to go right up to anyone and say anything for no reason.
You seemed friendly enough; not everyone is a gladhander. And I myself am usually less laconic.

IMO it's not the responsibility of anyone but the ride leader. Greeting aside, on a 60 mile ride the leader either negotiates the drop policy or provides the noob with a map. Failing that I probably shouldn't have started. Oh well. Next time I'll know.

Btw, when did y'all start pacelining? I was looking forward to some practice.
Stupidity got us into this mess - why can't it get us out?

- Will Rogers

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