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when I was 14, and slid for half a block on my elbow following a ramping incident gone terribly awry. the bottom of my left forewarm was from elbow to wrist left knee didn't look too good either, but my arm was by far the worst...I evntually got the bleeding to stop, but it was pretty was dripping when I got up.

The bike had severely bent rims, the handlebars were misaligned, and the left pedal (plastic) was locked in place from the impact. Basically the repairs were more than the bike, so i used it as a beater and rode my oldschool cheapo ten speed (an AMF peice of ****, but man it was fast)

Worst part was I could do that jump in my sleep...nobody could figure out how that happened...they all said I landed clean too, then sudenly the bike seemed to have slid out form under me. I have no clue if that's tur or not since I remeber landing and suddenly sliding along the ground, wondering when it will stop.

Now for actual trail riding...i have yet to have a bad one...but something tells me with my bad luck for getting myself tore up, I'll have one in due time
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