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Crashed into police car

Well not reall "crashed".. just hit it..

Rain, city, 11.30pm, street. The street goes about 15 degrees down. Sure im gathering speed very quickly, it's very quiet and i hear and see no cars.

Upon getting to like 50 foots to the crossing street i see freakin' police car, moving slowly *with lights out*. I hit the brakes, my rear wheel locks and falling to the side and just sliding on my ass (it was raining all day) into the car. Police officer sees all this, continues his journey and just watching me from the window. Thump.. Few nice scratches on the car. "That's it, im dead man". Police looks at me from up there (i slided into driver's door).
- Are you ok?
- I guess so..
Actually i don't even had any scratches, though i was w/o helmet in shirt and shorts
- Well you be careful there.

And drives away to the street i was driving from.. Guess what? It's one way street and he goes there! Wrong way!

Sure it's not the most "worst" crash, but i still remember it after few years
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