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I'm a pretty big Archos fan. I have an older 1st. generation Archos Jukebox 6000 (6GB). It predates the iPod by a couple of years so seems a tad bit clunky in comparison but Archos hasn't been sitting on their butts either and has continued to release products to compete with the iPod as well as some that can be considered over-the-top... true personal multimedia players such as the AV400 which can even act as a portable DVR/TiVo box. Archos' iPod equivalent is the Gmini 220 but has more functionality than the iPod and is just as compact. You can find out more about Archos products from their website. The thing I really have enjoyed about the Archos stuff is that they're cross-platform or rather platform/OS agnostic. This is important to me as I use my Jukebox also as a portable hard drive for things other than music and I have to attach it to not just Wintel platforms. Additionally, for the Jukebox series of players, there's been a lot of opensource development on the firmware so new features are coming out of the public community all the time that extends the life and functionality of the product. Also, while the unit is rechargable, it will take normal batteries as well. And the user can field-replace the rechargable batteries with ones of higher capacity if they want since they take AA sized batteries. The other thing I like about Archos is their commitment to ruggedised portability. My Jukebox has extra armoured bumpers and special shock-proof mountings for its components. Additionally, it has built-in sensors which will shutdown and park the drive when it senses excessive G-shock loading. I have dropped my Jukebox several times on hard surfaces without damage or data loss.
1999 K2 OzM 2001 Aegis Aro Svelte
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